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Hola mi gente! I’m Juliana and I have made it my mission to bring the Latinx/e community in OKC together because I believe that we are unstoppable when we work alongside each other. I hope that OKC Latina becomes an essential part of the Oklahoma City Community and of your life.

We are dedicated to you! The ones who are making moves in the city and who want to support other women along the way! Think of us as a network to meet other Latinas in the metro and a place to go when you need to find a chef, photographer, model, graphic designer, and so on! I’m working closely with so many great local creatives to bring this dream to life!

No one can do what you do like you do. 

Our Mission

OKC Latina is dedicated to building up the Latinx/e community in Oklahoma.

We aim to create a space where all our identities can intersect so we can grow in our community and succeed together.

Our Mission

Frequent Collaborators


Marylin's Photography

  • Instagram

OKC Latina's website content photography by Marylin.


Sink The Ships

  • Instagram

OKC Latina's graphic designer.

Graphic Design | Illustration | Animation


Steph Montelongo Photo & Video

  • Instagram

OKC Latina special event photography by Steph.

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