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Let's Talk About Money

Just a Latina trying to get my finances in order for 2021

My First Steps:

I'm trying to organize my finances by creating business accounts, following people on social media who give financial advice (comment below if you want some suggestions), taking financial workshops, and talking to my fellow freelancers and creatives about MONEY!

The Money Taboo:

Why is it that women and the Latinx community feel so ~icky~ about money talk? That answer is a little bit over my pay grade so I won't even attempt an answer. My solution is TALK ABOUT YOUR MONEY! Don't be tacky about it but don't be afraid to discuss something so important. Should OKC Latina host a money management workshop?

Next Moves:

This blog is like a starting point for what I believe is such an important topic for Latinas to know about. Investing and making your money work for you is so vague and I want to know what YOU want to learn about in the comments below!

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